How to build food forests in an urban yard

How to build food forests in an urban yard

Could you imagine having your very own food forest full of edible plants and easily within walking distance of your backdoor? No longer would you need to worry about food shortages or pandemic supply chain issues. The question of where the next meal is coming is becoming more and more important today. Imagine a world that could actually sustain our family, friends, neighborhoods, and help the environment? Imagine a world where no matter the location:

If children are hungry they can visit an urban yard and source their own fresh fruit from the garden, and you know what they are eating is sustainable and food is growing in abundance. Our recommended articles and works offer you a solution to providing for your family without the expense of mistakes.

A list of E-Books that we recommend:


Enjoy reading the information we provide giving you the knowledge to create your own forest of food in your yard. How to build food forests in an urban yard


You will gain an insight into forests and methods to assist you in creating your own food forest in an urban setting that could change your life.

Your own garden produces food that you can be proud of, and can tell other people that the food they are eating was grown by you, easily just a few meters away without pesticides or artificial fertilizer, and available whenever you need it.

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