Network Marketing – The Logical Business Model

Network Marketing (Networking) has had its share of negativity over the years. Unfortunately this has been for good reasons. There have been some, for the sake of politeness, lets say shonky players in the Network Marketing game. This is unfortunate for a system of product distribution that is so logical.

The problems associated with Networking as a business model have centred at both a business and representative level.


Businesses or Individuals with a personal agenda have set up business models to entice a quick sign up and flow of money. In many a case products never exist and simply signing people up often makes money. Ponzi Schemes and MLM ventures are a good example. Note: Good Network Marketing businesses still use the term MLM to describe their business model. This does not make them scams. I always use the term Network Marketing to describe a legitimate business model.

Distributors and Representatives with Personal Agendas

In many cases, Legitimate product based Networking companies have developed a negative outlook due to distributors making outlandish claims of quick wealth, fast bucks and the promise of being a millionaire overnight without hard work. If someone has ever approached you with this agenda you will know exactly what I mean.

Look through the hogwash

The only thing that will build your business is YOU, Hard Work, Commitment and Goal setting. If you are promised big bucks overnight – look through the hogwash.

If you like the business and the products – Forget the hogwash

An individual who is desperate to get you in their team might give you the hard sell and make false promises. But you shouldn’t let this distract you from your original thoughts on the product or the business model.

Remember, with Networking you are in Business for YOURSELF. You should expect support from your up-line – but they should not pressure you.

If you see yourself working hard to achieve success with a business. Do It. You have to see past the false claims. You have to forget the hogwash and start working.

The Networking concept has been used by businesses that are not specifically set up using its traditional concept. For example the franchise model is based on a Network Marketing Concept. The biggest difference is the huge price difference between the franchise model and the Network Marketing model. Franchises can cost anywhere from $10,000 up to $Millions of dollars. Network Marketing Businesses can be started often for less than $100 but realistically around $500.

The huge price difference is one of the biggest reasons Network Marketing really is the Logical Business model. Its at the reach of individuals around the world.

Source by Eric J Smith

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