Writing Is Engaging – Release Your Verbiage of Self-Expression-Know Your Goals – Write in Fervor!

Writing is engaging and exciting!** So many times, people have a need to write; whether to inform, entertain or to share their knowledge and experience. Release your self-expression by writing about what inspires you. Formulate goals that you wish to achieve from your writing. Writing is a compilation of highlighted passages, illuminating readers by providing engaging content. Find your niche for writing and just flow with the energy, release the verbiage into sentences and paragraphs that unfold as you type and disclose your written text.

** Readers have a desire to understand or engage other perceptions about either current events, things they wish to research, or whatever the reason for their mission. Make your writing content exciting for your readers, begin by pleasing yourself, you want to read great, engaging content, so just write it!

**Write like a fiend, about whatever captivates your interest or attention, have specific, terrific goals in mind and enjoy yourself throughout the process!

*One of the best nuances in writing is understanding how to process your creativity onto a computer or from pen to paper. You can transfer your mental conversation into tangible, understandable text if you take time away during the process: step away from your writing and upon your return, reread your passages, back to yourself, as if you were the audience and not the author.

Simplify your verbiage, using clear terminology, and easily flowing sentences works best! *Writing is caring about your readers’ interest, giving people clear, easy to read content, and believe it or not, using explicit, direct and simple terminology. Let’s face facts, not a lot of people have hours and hours to read, or reread a paragraph, or will take the time to reread pages that were not written clearly in the first place.

*Care about the effects of what your written passages releases or reveals to your audience, it’s important! Whether your target audience is young professionals, stay-at-home-moms, or retired folks, show common sense and sensibility for your audience. Not everyone is social media savvy or wants to be social media savvy, and there’s nothing wrong with that…

*Also, always aim to write with specific goals in mind. Goals as simple as flexing your creative muscle, releasing the fruits of your labor to your audience. Or, write articles bringing issues to light that have are remarkable, maybe you want to impact a cause or shed light on an issue revealing or simplify a complicated dynamic, or highlight an issue that impacts your life-style, gas prices, diet, cooking,shopping, education or social engagements.

*Sometimes writing is a simple way to give encouragement, helping another soul gain a few moments of clarity, maybe by writing about something that you read- something profound that you feel the need to share, or an event that you have discovered. Use your platform wisely and your readers will be more likely to follow you, offer solutions to everyday life situations, or educate with facts, if your platform is a form of service,use your ability to market wisely. Aspire to write with humility and compassion- understand your fellow man. Everyone is on a fast-track and wants to decompress, so write something that is worthy of your readers precious time; keep in mind, readers are placing their attention on your written expression, passages, offer them something special, worthy of the time that they spent reading your poetry, recipes or manuscripts.

*** My wish is that readers will enjoy reading, tangible books like they did when they were kids! Getting excited about a newly written book! Reading the summary, and all of the pages from cover to cover, discovering the highlights of the authors’ biography, and of course, learning what inspires the author to write! I encourage you to write from your heart, write daily, journal, and write like a fiend when nobody is watching- I DO, and it’s a great form of peaceful release… Namaste.

**I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!

Source by Lorie Ann Jermoune

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