An Introduction to Wooden Garden Shed

Ever think about building your very own backyard shed? Even the kids can get involved in a satisfying activity that’s simple easy, and fun.

Sheds can be used for a variety of things, from just plain storage to turning an old one into a chicken coop. You can also use the shed to make a playroom, a garden office, or even a party room of sorts.

First, you should choose the best place to place the shed, acting into thought how it’ll look in the garden, the water flow around it and the ground area. As you’re looking through and laying out the groundwork, consider asking yourself whether you need a big shed (to store tractors, cars or other big farming equipment) or a small one (tool storage, etc) Also consider asking yourself things like “What will I use this shed for?”, “Will my children play in here?” So as to pick the right choice of a shed plan.

Your first expense will be a collection of backyard shed plans. There are many shed designs online and they are organized into sets of many styles as well as size. Now you have to select which plans go with your current shed floor spot. To pick your DIY shed plan you must decide if you should have electric power, windows, and choose a place where the entrance will fit.

Now, you have to take care that your shed doesn’t violate any municipal rules and regulations. You also have to take care not to disrupt the neighborhood since your effort will be wasted.

Another thing you need is a properly prepared foundation and you have the choice between a concrete or a stone foundation. If you want a stone foundation, the shed needs to sit about an inch higher on blocks or treated wood for air flow. The foundation is an extremely important matter.

You can then bring your list of backyard shed plans to your nearby shops and then pick out all the wood, nails, screws, etc that you require. Sometimes your wood can be pre-cut into proper dimensions. It saves time and some suppliers won’t charge you extra.

Now you’re ready to build your own backyard shed.

Source by Shawn A Watson

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