Rare Roses For Your Rose Flower Garden

Are you tired of looking at the same roses everywhere you turn? Maybe it’s time your rose flower garden stood out with it’s rare collection of roses. You can bet you will make heads turn!

The rarest of rare roses are said to be a green rose, the Viridiflora, and the darkest rose in the world, the Nigrette. Blue, purple, and black roses are the newer varieties of rare roses which are entirely created by man – hybridized in lab settings in some cases. The blue rose especially is said to have been developed in Japan in 2004 by inserting, into the DNA of the rose, the genes of the pansy and the iris and turning off the rose gene that prevents production of the bluish pigment. These roses are very expensive.

There are some other rare hybrids which can add a luscious and vibrant look to your rose garden.

Joseph’s Coat is a mildly scented vibrant climber with thorns. It’s color is a blend of orange and red. It is well suited for Zones 4-10.

Welsh Gold is an absolutely beautiful Hybrid Tea Rose with wavy peach-colored petals laid out in multiple rows. The blooms are large and abundant.

Vi’s Violet is an elegant miniature rose with pale purple flowers that blooms abundantly. The bush is about 12-18 inches in height.

Blush Damask, a Hybrid Bourbon, can grow up to a height of 8-10 ft. The blooms are 3-5 inches wide. Zone 5 is best for the Blue Damask.

Festival Fanfare is a ravishing Floribunda with 3 inch wide orange blooms that are deeply striped with lighter hues. It is a moderate climber and grows 10-15 ft. tall; a repeat bloomer ideal for Zone 6.

Hiawatha, a rambler with bright red single blooms with gold stamens set in a pure white center. It grows pretty tall up to an imposing height of 20 ft in Zone 5. It is shade tolerant.

Prairie Dawn has been around for more than 50 years. It is a shrub about 5 ft. in height that blooms in blends of pink. It is a very hardy rose and grows well even in Zone 3.

Rare or common, all roses need the same care and attention. Always check with your nursery about compatibility with your climate and soil conditions before buying your roses. Insist on disease-resistant and harsh weather tolerant varieties. Take preventive measures to protect your roses from diseases and pest attacks. Research your roses well before planting and you can be assured of a lovely and rare rose flower garden.

Source by Anthony Glover

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