Garden Water Features – Perfect For Any Garden

Adding a water feature to your garden is one of the easiest ways to give it a new look and add some extra movement and visual interest. Garden water fountains are available to fit into even the smallest outdoor spaces and are a great way to make your garden more relaxing, even if it is just a tiny space on a city rooftop. The sound of running water is soothing and calming and really increases the natural feeling, however big or small your garden.

Water features can be as simple as a small bird bath or fish pond or can be an elaborate ornate fountain. Running water displays are easy to install, usually requiring just a small pump which is plugged into the mains electricity supply. You can buy ready-made water features or you can create your own by using a pump to guide water through a collection of stones or any other material.

Water features can either look very natural or can be sleek and modern for a more dramatic effect. Stainless steel features are now becoming very popular and these work particularly well in small minimalist gardens as a great focal point.

For large gardens, fountains work really well. These can either be ornamental or made to look like a natural waterfall or stream. Combine a running water fountain with a pond containing ornamental gold fish for an attractive and relaxing effect.

Adding a pond to your garden will also give you the opportunity to grow aquatic plants and these will attract frogs, butterflies and other wildlife. This is a fun and easy way to create a realistic nature corner in your garden which is attractive and children will love.

If you don’t have even a small outdoor space then you may want to consider an indoor water feature. These are especially designed to be used within the home and the sound and movement of the water is very relaxing. You may want to use one in your bathroom or in the hallway as an impressive entrance for visitors.

Source by Rachel Wallis