Water Lilies – A Touch of Romance in the Garden

Water lilies are one of nature’s marvels. All they need to thrive is water and sunlight. There are two types of water lily; hardy and tropical. When hardy water lilies bloom, the flower sits right on top of the water, while the flower of the tropical water lily is on a stem that rises above the water. Hardy water lilies […]

Guide to Purchasing Memorial Garden Benches Online

Throughout history, memorial gardens have been one of the most popular ways to honor the memory of the deceased. Whether for Royalty, the fallen soldier, or a loving mother, a memorial garden provides an ideal area for solace and reflection for its visitors. When constructing such a garden an important decision will be what will be the centerpiece of this […]

A Garden Tractor is Your Best Partner in Gardening

Almost all women are concern with their appearance and how the other people are going to appreciate them. It is always true for women because it is in their appearance where they get much of their confidence. However most of the women are not only concern with their appearance alone but as well as the appearance of their environment such […]

Indoor Gardening Plants

Eventually we are all given a house plant either as a gift or a plant from someone who is moving and can’t take their plants with them, instantly giving you the basis for indoor gardening. Many times if you don’t know how to care for it the plant will wither and die. Other times people start to care for the […]

5 Gallon Buckets in the Garden

Continuing the discussion of how important the often underestimated 5 gallon buckets at home, we are now revealing how we can make the best use of these pails in the garden. As pots Although the appearance of the 5 gallon pails may not look as charming as the real gardening pots, they are highly functional and cheaper. Good quality 5 […]

How Much Do I Need From My Garden?

Every year, gardeners are faced with one of two situations. One is seen every year when zucchinis are planted and if you are a parent you have heard too often this statement from your children. “Zucchini again?” The other situation is when the garden does not produce enough produce to get one through the season. In the past, knowing how […]

Natural Mosquito Repellents on Your Garden

Mosquitoes become human enemies. Not only the bite makes the skin become bumpy, itchy, and reddish, mosquitoes can also cause various diseases, such as dengue fever (dengue hemorrhagic fever) and malaria. On this month, fox5dc.com said that DC ranked 3rd in US with the worst mosquito problem. Nothing ruins a nice summer day like a mosquito bite. It turns out […]