LetPot 172 Pcs Seed Pod Kits, Hydroponics Growing Sponges, Grow Anything Kit Pod for Hydroponic with 60 Sponges, 2 Nutrients, 25 Baskets, 60 Stickers, 25 Germination Domes

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Welcome to LetPot, the smart gardening brand that’s all about making planting easier and enjoyable. We believe that everyone can grow fresh, home-grown veggies, and that’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating practical and creative gardening products that are easy to use and look great in any home. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, we’ve got everything you need to grow a green thumb and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Hyrdoponics System

Smart Planter

【Complete Hydroponic Kits for Growing】 The kits package includes 172 pcs of hydroponics growing accessories, with 60 sponges, 60 stickers ( pod label ) , 25 baskets, 25 seedling domes, and 2 bottles of A & B plant food. It has everything you need for hydroponics growing system or germination.
【Natural and Plant-Friendly Sponges】Our sponge are made of premium natural peat that’s highly breathable and absorbent, helping roots grow better without rotting or molding. Ideal for growing a wide range of indoor and outdoor plants, such as herbs, violets, orchids, snake plants, mint, parlor palm, devil’s ivy, cactus, and aloe.
【Durable and Reusable Baskets, Domes】 The basket and grow dome are made of high-quality resin that’s tough and long lasting, making them easy to reuse. Package going with 60 sponges and 25 planting baskets because those baskets are made of tough, long-lasting resin that can be used over and over. Plus, using fewer plastic like that is much better for our planet.
【Fits Most of Round Hole Hydroponic Machines】Our growing kit is a standard size that fits most hydroponic machines on the market, including LetPot, Aerogarden, iDOO, QYO, Lyko, and other brands. After absorbing water, the size of the sponge is around 2.55″ x 0.95″. It’s made of soft and breathable material that you can cut it to the size you need to fit different plants.
【Easy to Use】Simply soak the sponge in water for 10-30 minutes, put them in the baskets, and place them in your hydroponic garden. We also provide seedling covers( growing domes) to keep the seeds moist and stickers to help germination, as well as two bottles of A & B plant food. All accessories in a set, you’re ready to grow!