Garden Water Features – Perfect For Any Garden

Adding a water feature to your garden is one of the easiest ways to give it a new look and add some extra movement and visual interest. Garden water fountains are available to fit into even the smallest outdoor spaces and are a great way to make your garden more relaxing, even if it is just a tiny space on […]

Rare Roses For Your Rose Flower Garden

Are you tired of looking at the same roses everywhere you turn? Maybe it’s time your rose flower garden stood out with it’s rare collection of roses. You can bet you will make heads turn! The rarest of rare roses are said to be a green rose, the Viridiflora, and the darkest rose in the world, the Nigrette. Blue, purple, […]

Beautify the Garden Even More With A ‘Sling’

Gardens are important in every home since it can be a haven for wild flowers as well as a home for insect life, and small animal and bird life. It can also give a home a very refreshing atmosphere especially with all the greens present. Due to this, it is important that people design their garden very well. From choosing […]

10 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Garden Log Cabin

There is a new and excellent trend in garden design recently, and it is spreading like wildfire. People are choosing to build miniature log cabins in their gardens as a secondary dwelling. It is cute, functional, and a great addition that adds value to your home (and gives you a little escape in the middle of your yard). If you […]

Is A Mantis Tiller The Right Garden Cultivator For You?

Are you looking at the Mantis tiller cultivator and wondering whether it is the right garden equipment for you to buy? This is not a cheap tiller so understandably it is right to consider whether it is both right for your garden and that the quality matches the price. Why Buy a Garden Tiller? The traditional way to prepare soil, […]

Garden Design Ideas For Awkward Shaped Gardens

The temptation with an awkwardly shaped garden is either to do as little as possible to it — maybe a lawn surrounded with flowerbeds — or to add too many hidden corners and details, which might work well in an enormous plot, but won’t make the best of an average-sized garden. The ideal is to come up with a layout […]

Herb Garden Ideas

Fresh herbs are the ultimate when it comes to cooking and many people now a days want them. What better way to enjoy fresh herbs in your kitchen than ones that are just minutes old. There is no deep dark secrets when it comes to growing herbs. In fact herbs are really very easy to grow and you don’t need […]