Writing Is Engaging – Release Your Verbiage of Self-Expression-Know Your Goals – Write in Fervor!

Writing is engaging and exciting!** So many times, people have a need to write; whether to inform, entertain or to share their knowledge and experience. Release your self-expression by writing about what inspires you. Formulate goals that you wish to achieve from your writing. Writing is a compilation of highlighted passages, illuminating readers by providing engaging content. Find your niche […]

Bridge the Gap Villages Implement the U.N. Millennium Goals in Vorovoro, Fiji

In the year 2000 the United Nations embarked on an aggressive project to improve the living standards for humankind. This project, The United Nations Millenium Goals, were tasked with substantially reducing and sustainably improving the human condition in the following areas: Poverty Hunger Disease Illiteracy Environmental Degradation Discrimination Against Women At the Millenium Summit in 2000 The Millennium Development Goals […]