"Goddess Remembered" – A Film Reflection

“Goddess Remembered,” Part of the Series, “Women in Spirituality” © 1989, National Film Board of Canada Produced by: Margaret Pettigrew Directed by: Donna Read Distributed by: Wellspring Media, Inc. Wow, those hairstyles and puffy sleeves! The 80’s – gotta love ’em. Look at the difference 20 years makes in social customs. Now, think what 2,000 years can mean, and 20,000 […]

The Future of Natural Beekeeping

What is ‘natural beekeeping’? The question should rather be, ‘is any beekeeping natural?’ and the answer must be that, in nature, only bees keep bees. As humans, our interest in them has been primarily selfish: we saw them as the source of a uniquely delicious, sweet substance and paid little heed to their pervasive presence in the natural world, where, […]

Restoring the Balance in Beekeeping

Honeybees cannot be domesticated in the sense that cows or pigs or sheep have been. They are essentially unchanged by man, despite many attempts to breed them to suit our needs. Their unique mating behaviour and reproductive cycle ensure that diversity and adaptability will continue to be the dominant themes in their evolution. As I see it, our main job […]

Dubreuil – A Remote Village of Mauritius

It is a small village situated at about 20 minutes by car from the nearest town almost in the centre of Mauritius. With a population of 2, 733 inhabitants, it is embedded in an utterly rustic environment. In fact, the locality is surrounded by forests and green vegetation. On reaching the destination the visitor’s eyes are focussed on the old-fashioned […]

How to Journal – Where to Begin

The keeping of a personal journal has been a pursuit of human society for many hundreds of years. In times past men and women of learning, studiously kept a record of their days, their achievements and their dreams. We owe a great debt of gratitude to each one of them as we have gleaned much insight into the lives of […]

Explore the Alternative Culture of Berlin

The most intriguing allure of the German capital, Berlin, may be that it is so different from the rest of the country. For many, the city stands as almost an island in the nation, culturally set apart from not only the German ethos but also unlike any other place in Europe. If you wish to explore the alternative heartbeat of […]

Lavender Can Add A Certain Sachet To Any Garden

Lavender can spruce up any garden area or home. It is the perfect touch to add to any garden to create a smooth, relaxing scent. Use lavender flowers to give your garden that appealing look or smell, and make them last longer than ever! Origin Lavender comes from the genus species of the Lamiaceae, which is native in the southern […]

Writing Is Engaging – Release Your Verbiage of Self-Expression-Know Your Goals – Write in Fervor!

Writing is engaging and exciting!** So many times, people have a need to write; whether to inform, entertain or to share their knowledge and experience. Release your self-expression by writing about what inspires you. Formulate goals that you wish to achieve from your writing. Writing is a compilation of highlighted passages, illuminating readers by providing engaging content. Find your niche […]

Education and Artisanal Mezcal Production in Oaxaca, Mexico

A characteristic of growth in the global wine industry for some decades is slowly creeping into artisanal mezcal production in the southern Mexico state of Oaxaca. That is, small producers are using their new-found disposable income to educate their children, with a view to increasing manufacture in a sustainable fashion while at the same time improving sales through tapping new […]